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I’ve been digging in some friends archives for musical gems. To celebrate, they have also sent me their answers to my Q+A. Let the light in and find peace in your day.
Else Studio
Else is a creative studio based in Bali and formed by Altair Alva Edison & Virnanda Rayandini. The magic duo put together some audio gems that are like pouring precious honey into your ears while working and/or celebrating. Beat moves feet. Feet do dance. Dance brings joy. Joy is life. Life is special. Press play on their mix and take in their Q+A.   
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Q: Tell me three things you are obsessed with right now and why. Film, documentary, music, DJ mix, book, blog, recipe, drink. Whatever you want to share with the world.
A: 1. Skating, changes us from the way we think, the music we listened to, the way we dressed and keeping us creative and fresh as well.
2. Medium-rare steak + iced lemon, they just makes us happy.
3. Playing old-console and phone games, Pokemon Fire Red (on GBA), Goof Troop (on SNES), and especially playing 2Cars (on iPhone) cause it keeping our brain well treated, also we can score beyond 1000pts effortlessly. Beat our score :)

Q: Who has inspired you recently?
A: Anything around us and many figures around the world. But, we are closely inspired by our mentors Tom, James, Anth and our college friends of course. Thank you guys (audience clapping).

Q: What is the color of money?
A: We are cashless people. But technically its green and CMYK based.

Else Studio
Altair Alva Edison & Virnanda Rayandini
Bali, Indonesia 
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