Hi Dan, look at this nice website page I created to tell you why I’d love to work with you. I know, you must be busy so I thought to be quick and paintless.

Here five reasons why you should hire me:

1. Hire me for my vision, style and signature. Because I am hungry.

2. I have traveled a long way before I could excel at my maturity. Hire me because I have an international upbringing and a knowledge about diverse cultural, social and business landscapes.

3. I create work for intriguing brands. I solve a Rubik’s cube with my eyes closed; I’ve got 25 hours a day, I’m a serial-detail addicted. Hire me because I want to go big!

4. Hire me because sustainability and collaboration sit as the basis of my working approach, I love Bali and its unique energy. I believe in some well-defined values. Take a peek︎︎︎

5. Hire me because I want to rock with the best.

This is probably not enough so I’ve put togheter a little mixtape for you. Click here︎︎︎ and enjoy it.

I know what I’m doing. I am not a jerk. I will listen to you and probably talk you out of three bad ideas. I will make jokes. When the bill comes, you will feel like you got a great deal.

Anyway this is me signing off.
Let’s catch up soon.


︎ ︎ ︎

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