Born in Italy in 1989 Giacomo Felace is an Italian Art Director & Brand Strategist
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I launched this website in April 2020 amidst this ever-changing and uncertain world but allow me to re-introduce myself: I am a creative professional, honest storyteller, multimedia platform, and authentic mother earth lover.

I am rooted in creativity, integrity, empathy, inclusivity, global consciousness, and innovation, I operate as both a Creative Brain and Sexy Strategist.

Both entities work in tandem to shape my DNA.


Creative Direction

Originally from Italy, I spent the majority of my career between Europe and APAC regions working for marketing and design brands and departments. In 2009, without any relevant education, I was hired as a Production Coordinator and then Creative Consultant to join the Italian furniture and object design brand of Creativando. During my 5+ years of working next to a seasoned team, creating mostly objects, visuals and design exhibitions at the frontiers between contemporary art and industrial design, I was taught how to work at a high level of craft while still maintaining a good level of pace.
In 2014 I quit my job and started my one-year-solo-trip between Australia and South East Asia searching for new inspirations. In 2015, I was accepted into the Visual Communication and Advertising program at Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Pubblicitaria in Venice. There I was faced with creative briefs and challenges, often by real-life clients. SIGP offers an alternative way of learning where students completely learn by doing, in craft and also team dynamics. While finalizing my studies I worked as a Freelance Creative for some Italians and Vietnamese brands. In 2018, I moved to Vietnam.
With a focus on design, branding and art direction I joined Dinosaur Vietnam and then We Create Content. During my 2+ years in Vietnam, I mainly art directed for Piaggio, but also Oriente, Bundesliga, WHO and more. While working in Vietnam I studied emotional leadership which plays a significant role in my design thinking and process today. My main focus lies in developing visual languages, brand reputation and systems. I see culture, sustainability and branding as key drivers for companies to become the new platforms, shaping new audiences and solving new needs.
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