Born in Italy in 1989 Giacomo Felace is an Art Director & Creative Strategist specialises in branding and visual identity based on simple concepts, developing creative and strategic work for both commercial and cultural clients.
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I’ve been digging in some friends archives for musical gems. To celebrate, they have also sent me their answers to my Q+A. Let the light in and find peace in your day.
Daniel Lober
Creative Director Daniel Lober takes us in a long day in the saddle. Almost a metaphor. Riding cool, steady pace with some high intensity interval training. Press play on his mix and take in his Q+A.   
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Q: Tell me three things you are obsessed with right now and why. Film, documentary, music, DJ mix, book, blog, recipe, drink. Whatever you want to share with the world.
A: 1. I can't take my eyes off these two photographers Matthias Ziegler and Ramon Haindl.
2. I'm deep, deep deep, into Balsamic Vinegar. Searching leads for a project I'm trying to develop.
3. Silence. It's probably the thing I feel I need the most. I'm looking for it everywhere

Q: Who has inspired you recently?
A: My good friend Filipe Zapelini.

Q: What is the color of money?
A: Black. Unfortunately for me money is of a deep solid black color.

Daniel Lober
Photographer & Creative Director
Paris, France / Venice, Italy

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