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I’ve been digging in some friends archives for musical gems. To celebrate, they have also sent me their answers to my Q+A. Let the light in and find peace in your day.
Anh Bui Do
Anh is the founder of  LA MAÏ AUSTRALIA and a global citizen born and raised in Northern Vietnam. In her words: “I love all cultures, I keep on adopting a bit of every country that I have been. I do think that we don’t have choices to choose our parents, our nationalities and our children but surely we can choose who we are, people who we want to be surrounded by. I am hitting 40 this December, becoming 40 is not a big number but I would say I have experienced much of ups and downs so I have chosen to keep the most beautiful memories and my playlist very much of the way I look at life.“ Press play on her mix and take in her Q+A.  
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Q: Tell me three things you are obsessed with right now and why. Film, documentary, music, DJ mix, book, blog, recipe, drink. Whatever you want to share with the world.
A: I am so greedy when it comes to obsession. I do obsess very much right now with my morning workout as it is a dose of great positivity to start my day, then my daily cooking for my beautiful family. I used to live three years in Delhi before I moved with my family to Sydney in the middle of the pandemic; I was totally overwhelmed with everything from lockdown, having an empty home, knowing nobody and nothing about this city but what saved me was I am in the paradise of amazing ingredients for my cooking passion which I was so craved when it’s very much limited in New Delhi. Apart from workout and cooking, Bossa Nova music and Australian wine are in my dinner preparation every day. When it comes to entertainment these days I need to mention My Octopus Teacher, La Coisa Mais Linda (Girls from Ipanema) and The Crown are my most favorite.

Q: Who has inspired you recently?
A: I love people and I always inspired by people I meet everyday. I am also very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people who I always adore and inspired. In this special time of 2020, I am especially inspired by my super resilience artisans from India who the reason for me to set up LA MAÏ AUSTRALIA in order to continue supporting these amazingly skillful people and my dream of educating my children generation how beautiful are different cultures through handcrafts. It won’t be complete if I don’t mention my biggest inspiration and source of energy is my 2 little heroes, my daughters who are 7 and 5. They teach me everyday to live my life to the fullest through their amazing positive attitude and never stop making the best out of any

Q: What is the color of money?
A: Colorful, it depends on the way we make it, the way we spend it, and notes from different countries.

Anh Bui Do 
Sydney, Australia

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