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Let's start by saying what Burning Man is. Burning Man is a city that appears and disappears in the Nevada desert. For decades, it has represented an escape from the current reality. An event for free spirits to rethink new age ideals inside a stateless entity where art, music, and partying reign supreme on the desert plains.

A festival of art and music but also sex and drugs, ideologies, and luxury. Burning Man is a social experiment of creating a community out of a shared struggle.

You can't drive around in a car, you can't use money, no phone signal: you gather in the hostile desert climate to build Black Rock City, an ephemeral city that lives self-sufficiently through barter.

How much is the ticket? 390 USD and it's not easy at all to get it.

The breathtaking art installations and the eclectic crowd of over 70,000 people are something marketers should be envious of for authenticity and originality of content.

Burning Man "creates its own content" by focusing on human experience and the values that resonate strongly in contemporary culture.

What else? Burning Man's massive community has a hidden hierarchical order: some people have a stronger reputation than others.

How? They earn it. They have been frequenting the festival for a long time and know the space and its mechanisms well. They are known, respected, and trusted in the community.

Nobody buys their way up the ladder. The festival-goers exchange gifts, barter. Each person works pay-it-forward, with the aim of giving value and expect nothing in return. Every gesture is a surprise, unexpected, and certainly in the counterculture to the "real world" driven by trade and arrivism.

This culture based on trust and genuine connection is something that marketing professionals should already know and have long embraced.

At Burning Man, people don't just take pictures. Burning Man generates some of the coolest visual content, year after year. The breathtaking art-meets-architecture installations. There are meanings and significance behind every visual. Every Instagram post tells a complete story: no particular context needed.

The details are “in the details”.

For marketing experts developing a visual content strategy, understanding how to manage user-generated content (UGC) is above all this. But the best performing UGC is not just about lights, angles, background or call to action.

The best performing UGC evokes emotions: a force that can capture an entire story, without words.

The business world is always under pressure to sell and sell more. This perspective is the antithesis of the Burning Man experience, where there is no money exchange. 
So what are people spending and offering? Value.

Value ︎ Money

People having fun creates beauty.

Every festivalgoer has a unique Burning Man experience. There's no such thing as a "typical" story. There's just the individual.

At Burning Man, nobody buys anything. Festivalgoers spend a week trading goods. Their success is directly proportional to what they offer.

So what does it look like when there's no money exchanged? You offer value and give people a reason to feel inspired. The content, photos, and description will come naturally.

People go to Burning Man to reconnect with their human nature. It is a week of disconnection, relaxation, exploration, and extreme fun.

In the “real world”, these  people are solving lawsuits, running businesses, working hard for living, they are normal consumers. At Burning Man? They can be who they are or want to be: no strings attached.

People go to Burning Man to get to know and connect with themselves.
What else is there? There's no Internet or places to relax. There are desert, art and people to meet.

Marketing shouldn't be different. It's all about people and the way people interact with your content.

Encouraging the human experience will grow returns in the form of social shares and new customers.

Life should not be different.


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