Born in Italy in 1989 Giacomo Felace is a Creative Director & Strategist specialises in branding and visual identity. Currently based in Canggu-Bali, working at Boutique Bars group.
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Not So Sexy

Located at the crossroads of surf breaks, rice paddies, the mystical hills of Ubud and cosmopolitan Seminyak, NOT SO SEXY is an eclectic mix of sound, food and art. The multi-faceted stay incorporates all-day dining and drinks, art and local culture, and interactive retail. Gravitating around the Owners' personal art collection, the overall design feels boho and rustic at the same time, with tropical plants at every turn, comfy sofas dressed in gorgeous textiles, raw concrete flooring and rustic rugs.

When we think and speak, what we think and what we say can be judged according to particular standards, involving something like truth or knowledge. Impressions would be the output of simple causal processes, ideas would be the building blocks of thought, and ideas would somehow be copies or images of impressions. Somewhere in this mix, we go from cause and effect to the stuff of thought. Thought and speech can be correct or incorrect in a way that natural events aren’t – so how could ideas be made of impressions?

Open your eyes, and different wavelengths of light flood in. Sniff at the air, and some of the molecules hanging around you might meet up with an olfactory sensor in your nose. These are the beginnings of experience. So far, so good.

YEAR: 2021
SCOPE: Creative Direction, Design, Strategy

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