Born in Italy in 1989 Giacomo Felace is an Art Director & Creative Strategist specialises in branding and visual identity, creating work with content and concept. Currently based in Canggu-Bali, working at Léon Design Agency.
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Cluster Cultura & Creatività

Fresh identity with a strong recognisability for the new regional cluster of Friuli Venezia Giulia – Cultura & Creatività. The identity will be an expression of the supply chains of cultural and creative industries of strategic interest to the Region.

The end result is a clean and unobtrusive style that is clearly recognisable despite the absence of vibrant elements. The “hockey puck” icon symbolises a graph, a table, a group and configures the coordinates of an area that can be regional or provincial.

YEAR: 2020
SCOPE: Creative Direction, Design, Strategy

The Cluster is the structure created to promote, coordinate and connect the whole public and private production chain, companies, professionals, associations and public structures representing the sectors of culture and creativity. In practice it helps the
economic, social and cultural development of the Region.

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