Born in Italy in 1989 Giacomo Felace is an Italian Art Director & Brand Strategist
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I am Zero Bullshit ︎ Crazy High Standards ︎ Endless Passion ︎ Celebrating Emotion & Taking Risks ︎ Trusting My Instincts ︎ Being Human Making ︎ Work That’s Human ︎ Taking Work Seriously ︎ Not Taking Myself too Seriously ︎ I am Hungry

I don’t care for sharp business boundries and I like to float outside the box. I am all about the process; the grit and the grind that it takes to turn ideas into reality.
I know the ordinary is not acceptable. I prefer quality over quantity. I dislike casual Fridays, reject sensible shoes and neverwear cell phones on my belt. I respect brands that are not backward about pushing themselves forward. I believe being like everyone else is being nothing at all.

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