Italian creative strategist working in the field of branding & design for cultural and commercial ambitious brands that want to communicate with a distinct vocabulary.

I help brands align their strategy and identity creating the vision for the future and identify the priorities to make it happen. 

Over the past 10 years I have worked for a wide range of sectors—B2B, lifestyle B2C and consumer goods—in Europe and APAC bringing my love for design thinking, culture and storytelling.


Grab, Satori, Finizi, Piaggio, Marriott, Chops, Bundesliga, World Health Organization, BDO, RES4Africa, Eco-Mantra and more.


I integrate forward-thinking design & robust strategy with deep cultural insights. Resulting in ideas that make lasting impacts, promote sustainable actions, encourage diverse perspectives & progress society in positive ways.

I believe in creating brands that love people. Relevant yet irreverent communication that helps my clients drive business, build loyal communities and reshape mindsets.

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Creative Direction 
Art Direction
Visual Identity

Corporate Identity
Brand Strategy

Culture & Growth

Lead teams
Content Strategy
Content Creation
Concept Direction
Brand Consultancy 

what I don’t

Eat pizza with fork and knife
Make your logo bigger
Confuse branding with design
Save lives
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