Born in Italy in 1989 Giacomo Felace is a Creative Director & Strategist specialises in branding and visual identity. Currently based in Canggu-Bali, working at Boutique Bars group.
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Personal Branding

A new look for my new chapter with a new vision. What did it take to brand myself? Like all good things in life, it didn’t come easy. It took two months of work, an existential crisis, and a lot of spaghetti.

In March 2020, like so many others, my life with Covid-19 has totally changed. I decided that if the opportunities were stopped it didn’t mean that I had to stop too. So the situation has inevitably forced me to re-think my present and I worked according to this framework that I called “No name framework”:

Mission, belief, reputation, tone of voice, visual identity

Space, routine, approach, timeline, self-improvement

People engagement, knowledge sharing, impact side projects

Homeworking, next stop

I have redefined my deep essence, my dream, my goals, what moves me inside and where I want to go. Who I want to be and who I don’t want to become, what I want to do and what I will say no to.

My visual identity is clean and uses a 3D golden hand as an icon and metaphor. My tone of voice like my personality is imperfect, authentic and provocative. This system includes continuous research of broken moments as a way of communicating an idea, a product, a company. I look for imperfection and irrationality. Something unexpected and surprising that leaves its mark much more than something perfect. I’m just here to take you by hand to the global village.

Space Grotesk typeface by Florian Karsten.

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